Rachel Zarrow

Updated 2:51 pm, Friday, August 2, 2013

If a piece of home decor could epitomize a region, then Looma lamps would be the Bay Area. Made of fused glass, colorful LED lights and bamboo, the lamps combine art and craftsmanship with modern technology. Their San Francisco designer, Romy Randev, created his prototype more out of serendipity than intention but nonetheless, he has developed what he calls “contemporary mood lighting.”

Randev, 36, began experimenting with glass fusing, melding various pieces of glass together in a high-temperature kiln, after taking a class at Public Glass in San Francisco. His final piece was visually pleasing but proved difficult to display. Randev played with different types of frames for his work, constructing three-dimensional wooden boxes and placing a light source inside. And as he tinkered, he began to create what he now calls “functional art.”

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