“Dating in the Bay Area vs Manhattan”

san-francisco-bay-area-vs-local-date-night-out-about-bar-drink-nightlife-night-life-club-party-manhattan-dating-scene-new-york-city-california“So I studied computer science and business, spending my summers as an analyst in management consulting before deciding to move to the Bay Area to pursue my lifelong dream of programming for cloud computing. But once I moved here, I realized that the space is too crowded, with the industry leader holding 97% of the market share so now I work as a freelancer.”

No, I’m not interviewing a job candidate. I’m on a first date.

Welcome to the Bay, Trick. The epicenter of the tech industry, the place where social skills go to die.

As a 22 year old female in San Francisco, the odds are in my favor. Even if I posted a dating profile devoid of anything but a first name and gender, I would land numerous dates. It is what it is. Statistics.

But back to the avatar for most of my recent dates in San Francisco: He’s innovation embodied. He downloads all the newest dating apps while they’re still in beta, he probably has Macklemore hair, and he has the trendiest backpack I’ve ever seen. There’s a peculiar discordance between his scruffy look and the technicality he uses to describe his job. Which is pretty much all we discuss.

That and my job, too.

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