Back once again, here are the tunes that I’m listening to RNAF. “But Rachel, aren’t you a DJ? Where the house music at?” Fear not: I gotchu. Head over to my Soundcloud or Mixcloud for those. I have included a few more dancey tracks on this playlist as well, including the new Rudimental #fire and the much anticipated (by me) “House Work,” that I had been waiting for for months since it dropped on a Magician Mixtape.

So here goes RNAF vol. iii. The first track is by a band called Wet (I featured a remix of one of the tracks off this album on the last playlist). While Pitchfork kind of shat on this album as they are wont to do, I think there are some gems, such as “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl.”

A few of my favorite songs on this playlist, if I have to choose, are Rudimental’s “Healing” as well as “Electric Church” by Mike Taylor, The A-Trak/ Cory Enemy remix of L√ČON’s “Tired of Talking”, and the Vintage Culture and Slow Motion! remix of Sofi Tukker’s “Drinkee”. Apparently “Healing” was floating around Ibiza this summer as ID and it’s been really well received, with its disco and classic housey vibes.

Terror Jr.’s “3 Strikes” fills the RNAF moody quotient but I really really really hope the mysterious Terror Jr. is not, in fact Kylie Jenner as is speculated by Bustle, Teen Vogue, and other conspiracy theorists. (The only account that Terror Jr. follows on Instagram is Kylie’s, so either this is Kylie being Kim’s junior terror or some fuckd up punkd hipster shit.)

Ending the playlist with Norah Jones’ newest release, “Carry On” because yes, she’s back with a vengeance!