RNAF is back with its second installment of what I’m listening to RNAF. This playlist has taken on the following structure: what I’m listening to right now (mostly new releases) arranged by vibe. Some of the tracks are ancient (2011 lolz), but new to me and now I associate them with this period in my life so deal with it.

This playlist skews indie pop but there’s a banger in the middle because #IDGAFOS. Other trends relevant to this playlist: music by many French (EXGF, Justice, Klingande, Møme) and Australian (Kilter, Porsches, Flume, L’Tric, Kita Alexander) artists. As always, the tracks that intrigue me the most are the genre-benders– I double dog dare you to DTG (define the genre) of Jean Deaux’s Father Time.

I’ve started the playlist slow, building the heat with Nora en Pure’s Lake Arrowhead, an airy deep house track that makes you reconsider your weekend camping plans; while the great outdoors offer nature sounds IRL, this track has those plus a pulsing deep house beat and a beautiful melody.

Next up is Klingande’s Losing U, a deep house track featuring Daylight. To be honest, I didn’t much care for this song the first time I heard it, but if you can get past the lyrics at the beginning, you’ll be delighted with an anthemic dance track that toes the genre line with its upbeat, pop-song-like structure. After this one, I’ve thrown in a track that I love playing when I DJ, Nihils’s Help Our Souls, another dancy house track that reminds me why I love house so much.

While I hate to pick favorites, when push comes to shove, one of my favorite new tracks is Powers’s catchy indie pop release, Sunshine. (Disclaimer: I may be biased after seeing them live this week, but to me, this song sounds the way I imagine drinking sunshine would taste.)

Since I love a good earworm, I’ve included two others that have been on repeat. The first: Flume and Tove Lo’s Say It, a mysterious tune wrought with sexual tension and dramatic drops. The second: Marian Hill’s flirty I Want You which boasts lyrics like “You look like Friday night/ I’d like to dress you up and/ take you on a carpet ride” to what sounds like a can of spray paint being shaken. (For more information, plz refer to its music video immediately.)

Because a playlist released on July 15, 2016 wouldn’t be complete without it, I’ve included that new new, Safe and Sound. Justice’s first release in five years (download here), is quite unlike their poppy hit D.A.N.C.E. Safe and Sound is ethereal, moody, and disco-inspired, adjectives which don’t typically land in the same sentence. It reminds me of a funky, black and white B-side to The 5th Dimension’s Aquarius/ Let The Sunshine In, but that’s just one gal’s opinion, neither here nor there.

I shut down the club end the playlist with a new release from one of my favorite artists, the ever-stylish Mayer Hawthorne. While this track is unsurprising to MH fans, it’s still pleasant, dancy fun. Like the rest of his body of work, Love Like That (Tux Refux) could be from a bygone era, with hints of disco, funk and soul. I would love to know what you’re listening to, especially if it’s weird, groovy, or genre-defying, so feel free to comment. Happy listening!