Welcome to rachelzarrow.com, your home for all things Rachel Zarrow, and therefore all things young&fabulous. (For n00bs/ new friends, young&fabulous was the name of my old blog, etymology explained here. If you care to read through previous young&fabulous entries, they’re now posted on this site for your  own purposes.)

When I recently decided to “relaunch” my blog, I found myself at an existential crossroad, just like Britney. I had to make a decision– continue to write as young&fabulous, a persona somewhat distinct from Rachel Zarrow, or reconcile my two identities.

As an aspiring adult who is gainfully employed, I know the importance of presenting a professional image of myself. LinkedIn and blazers, I get it. But my job is unconventional. I belong to a generation of casual workplaces (e.g. my kitchen) and even more casual dress codes (e.g. my pajamas). Seriously– even when I’m not working from home, I’m shaped by a unique company culture, where the personal is the professional. Having a bold personality, being controversial, and tweeting during the day are all acceptable attributes at a young startup.The idea of keeping one’s online presence pristine and professional? Passé.

{And, as everyone who has dated me can attest, young&fabulous is pretty easy to link to the real Rachel Zarrow. My apologies* to everyone I have dated and let down. Perhaps I am better with the written word than with the spoken word but it’s hard to be good at everything.}

So I’ve decided that I DGAF about putting on airs for the internet. rachelzarrow.com is my way of blurring lines between my professional self and all of my other selves. This is the future of self-promotion. I’m not quite as young as I once was but I’m ever the more fabulous! And I’m eager to share my musings and current projects, (both professional and personal) with my “readership.” Namaste.

*not sorry