RNAF–> A random string of letters? Right Now As Fuck? Rachel’s New And Fresh? Too close to call. But regardless of what it stands for, this is the first post in a highly anticipated* series of posts and playlists I’m sharing with the citizens of the internet.

This playlist spans a wide variety of genres to create a strange musical amalgam, but I’ve tried to arrange the songs in a way that makes sense (at least to me), with the energy building about halfway through its 95 minutes. The list includes tracks that I can’t stop listening to, a few that aren’t actually that new RN tbh, as well as some top 40s that I think are remarkable in some way.

A few of my very favorite tracks sandwich the playlist, with Glass Animals’s tribal groove, Life Itself starting the party, and Justin Jay’s retro-esque Let Go (feat. Josh Taylor) shutting it down.

I would love to know what you’re listening to, especially if it’s weird, groovy, or genre-defying, so feel free to comment!

Enjoy these fresh beats RNAF!

*highly anticipated– requested by at least 3 friends